WRSP 410 Discussion 1

Liberty WRSP 410 Discussion 1 Answers

In his book, Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven, Rory Noland makes the following statements:

  • “You cannot find excellent corporate worship until you stop trying to find excellent corporate worship and pursue God himself.”
  • “True worshipers experience more than great music or stirred emotions during worship; they experience being in the presence of God.”
  • “The first step to becoming a better worshiper is to become a vibrant worshiper Monday through Saturday.”

In The Dynamics of Corporate Worship, Vernon Whaley makes the following statements:

  • “I am persuaded that a person must enjoy meaningful worship in his or her private life before God will bless that person with the joy of success in public worship.”
  • “Worship becomes genuine only as our expression of love for God is nurtured in the individual heart.”

With these quotes in mind, discuss and debate this statement on p. 33 of the Noland text: “As unusual as it may sound, God’s ultimate purpose is not that we be saved but that He be glorified. Redemption is not all about us; it’s all about God.”

Do you agree or disagree? Take your position, then defend it. Include, in your discussion, principles gleaned from the life of David and from Module/Week 1’s textbook readings. Also, include at least two citations from each book.

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