CRIS 607 Quiz 3 Treatment Options

CRIS 607 Quiz 3: Treatment Options and Trauma Journey

  1. According to Dr. Jenkins, most people will not recover from traumatic events without professional assistance.
  2. Which type of medication can be addictive, according to Dr. Lyles?
  3. A hallmark indicator of trauma is that one’s worldview is kept intact
  4. Which of the following verses does Lolly emphasize as having helped her tremendously in dealing with the difficult situation of watching her husband struggle with the effects of PTSD?
  5. An example of re-experiencing is
  6. involves facilitating confrontation of feared objects, situations, images, and things that are associated with the traumatic event
  7. According to Gary and Lolly Beikirch, having a ministry of presence is important when helping others who are suffering from trauma.
  8. According to Dr. Jenkins, this method is not considered a domain.
  9. What was the biggest contributing factor to Lolly’s healing process of secondary trauma?
  10. What did Beikirch consider to be his worst battle moment?
  11. Because Gary loved Lolly so much, the effect of PTSD did not cause a strain on their early marriage.
  12. According to Dr. Jenkins, having a focus on screening and assessment is crucial for effective treatment in people facing difficulties with PTSD.
  13. Which of the following is not true of Sergeant Gary Beikirch’s experiences in the Vietnam War?
  14. According to Gary Beikirch, what is “getting better”?
  15. Beikirch felt a fearful, helpless feeling in the hospital because he realized that he had no power in the day of death.
  16. involves working with the modification of maladaptive thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions.
  17. Exposure can be imaginative, since PTSD events can be so vivid and bright that they can actually block out regular visual processing.
  18. Effective treatment tends to address
  19. Medication for the purpose of forgetting is very beneficial and always recommended for the treatment of PTSD symptoms.
  20. What was an example of a symptom of PTSD that Beikirch experienced?
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