CRIS 607 Quiz 2 Trauma, Addiction

CRIS 607 Quiz 2: Trauma, Addiction, and Suicide

  1. Which of the following was not given as a sign of suicide crisis?
  2. Trauma Reactions are the way the mind and body tells a person that there is ___________________ inside, according to Dr. Laaser.
  3. Which of the following is not a function of the prefrontal cortex, as mentioned in the video? Correct!
  4. According to Dr. Laaser, intimacy problems in a marriage are the result of addiction.
  5. According to Dr. Ellers, it is acceptable for a caregiver to ask a person “ Have you been thinking of hurting or killing yourself?”
  6. According to Dr. Ellers, there is a common myth that people who intend to commit suicide do not _____________ about their intentions.
  7. Which of the following is an example of effective intervention?
  8. According to Dr. Ellers, there are only a select few life events that can trigger suicide, and counselors need to be aware of each of these.
  9. If a suicidal person expresses confidence in a specific caregiver, the helper should remain the only person helping, according to Dr. Ellers.
  10. The addiction cycle begins with ________________________.
  11. Which of the following is true, according to Dr. Ellers?
  12. According to Dr. Ellers, emotional crisis that usually precedes suicide is usually not treatable.
  13. is an ability to literally leave the body and be mentally and spiritually distant, absent, or gone.
  14. Laaser discussed the circle pattern in the video, which refers to neurochemistry of the brain in a person who has PTSD.
  15. Trauma shame is the feeling that old behavior is safer than new behavior.
  16. Addiction must be assessed from a __________________ perspective, according to Dr. Laaser.
  17. According to Dr. Laaser, stopping an addiction is only the beginning of the healing journey.
  18. Which of the following encompasses the first criteria for addiction?
  19. Unrelenting low mood, sleep problems, making a plan, and giving away prized possessions are all ________________ of suicide.
  20. According to Dr. Ellers, a time limited occurrence that signals immediate danger that suicide may be imminent is known as a
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