CRIS 605 Midterm

CRIS 605 Midterm Liberty University

  1. Clients in long term therapy are typically immune from crises.
  2. Netiquette is important because if I MAKE A TYPO AND HIT THE CAPS KEY IT WOULD MEAN TO A SAVVY NET USER THAT I was:​
  3. One way in which a crisis worker may determine whether the client fully understands a commitmentis to ask the client to summarize the action steps that he or she plans to take.​
  4. In high-context cultures:​
  5. When a crisis worker encounters language barriers he or she should:​
  6. The ADDRESSING and SAFETY models both manifest the social locations approach Brown is proposing to understand the impact of multiculturalism on trauma.
  7. Crisis clients that use walk–in facilities usually have problems that are not:
  8. One of the very first things the CIT officer does to get Deborah off the bridge is to simply tell her in a kind but authoritative voice to climb down.​
  9. Suicide is the leading cause of death of adolescents in the United States.​
  10. Successful crisis work may be described as:​
  11. PTSD may be developed following exposure to uncommon stressful life events such as:​
  12. The police, fire, and emergency services support group provide all but oneof the following in their support groups?​
  13. Which of the following is nota category of assessment dynamics which is of concern to workers who deal with suicidal clients?​
  14. Crisis Intervention Team police officers are:​
  15. Police typically spend about half their time on maintaining order rather than fighting crime.
  16. Being aware that an individual in crisis is operating in a transcrisis state provides the crisis worker with important information regarding:​
  17. Hotlines may:​
  18. Of the attributes that will serve crisis workers well in a multicultural crisis world, which of the following is nothelpful?​
  19. There is basically little difference in how one goes about assessing a client for suicidal or homicidal ideation.​
  20. Man-made and natural disasters are equivalent in their ability to produce PTSD.
  21. On an initial visit to a mental health clinic, which of the following is nottrue?​
  22. Children who suffer a traumatic experience are likely to have problems with “narrative coherence,” which is the ability to organize material into a beginning, middle, and end.
  23. Establishing a psychological connection is a critical component of Task 1.
  24. Providing guidance:​
  25. Telephone and online counseling pose far fewer ethical dilemmas because the worker is not face-to-face with the client and doesn’t know the client’s identity.​
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