CRIS 605 Research Paper

CRIS 605 Research Paper Liberty University

Utilizing information presented in this course, as well as theoretical and practical elements from academic and Christian sources, the student will compile an original paper of at least 12–15 pages of body text, in APA style, which summarizes findings on a specific area of a population in crisis and how they might be assisted by first responders. The student will describe: 1) dynamics common in the population of interest; 2) best practices in first responder crisis interventions with this population; and 3) spiritual applications; and 4) cultural considerations. At least 15 recent scholarly sources are required in addition to the course textbooks and/or classic studies if the student chooses to cite these. The student’s grade will be assigned based on quality of content, how well APA guidelines are adhered to, the richness of citations utilized, quality of expression, and biblical integration presented.

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