COUC 601 Exam 3

COUC 601 Exam 3 Liberty University

COUC 601 Quiz: Family Systems and Structures; Gender, Culture, Ethnicity

COUC 601 Quiz: Psychodynamic, Transgenerational, and Experiential Models

COUC 601 Quiz: Structural, Strategic, Milan Systemic, and Behavioral/Cognitive Modules

COUC 601 Quiz: Postmodernism, Social Constructivism, Psychoeducational Family Therapy

  1. Uncovering the relationship between behavioral deficits and the client’s interpersonal environment is called
  2. Behavioral therapy attempts to modify a client’s
  3. Diffused boundaries are
  4. Circular questioning is likely to
  5. Madanes contends that the basic tool of strategic therapists is
  6. Symmetrical escalation occurs when
  7. A counterparadox is essentially a
  8. Integrative couples therapy
  9. The unique psychotherapeutic contributions of the behavioral approach is:
  10. Albert Ellis employs the use of
  11. A complementary pattern of communication is based on
  12. All communication takes place at two levels-the surface level of content and the level which qualifies what was said on the surface level. The second level is called
  13. Behavioral couple therapists sometimes have partners list desirable behaviors each wants from the other, as a demonstration of commitment to the relationship. These are what is to be exchanged as part of
  14. Structural therapists emphasize
  15. Which of the following is not characteristic of “psychosomatic families”?
  16. According to the strategic model, quarreling couples who feel justified in responding to what each perceives as an attack from the other are each imposing his or her own _________________ on their interactions.
  17. Operant interpersonal therapy represents a blend of operant learning principles and
  18. “Prescribing the symptom” is a form of
  19. Systemicists usually assign rituals in the form of
  20. Hypotheses used by Milan systemicists are
  21. According to Aponte and Van Deusen, every family transaction makes a statement regarding
  22. A major characteristic of strategic therapy is
  23. Attempting to change the hierarchical arrangement between parents calls for
  24. Gottman’s research indicates three types of stable couples. Which of the following is not one of those types?
  25. As used by the Milan group, hypotheses are intended to convey
  26. Which of the following statements is true regarding structural family therapy?
  27. For Milan therapeutic intervention, family therapy begins with
  28. One tactic employed by Minuchin in treating anorectics is to
  29. Second-order changes call for
  30. Cognitive therapists work at three related levels. Which is not one of these levels?
  31. According to the textbook authors, behavioral family therapists often adopt an outlook that is too _______
  32. Making an effort to create greater psychological distance between enmeshed family members involves
  33. In disengaged families, boundaries are
  34. In the view of MRI family therapists
  35. Gottman calls four forms of negativity between marital partners the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
  36. Cognitive-behavioral family therapists gather data using three forms of clinical assessment:
  37. In the original Milan format, the point at which the therapist leaves the consultation room to consult with colleagues is called
  38. A problem analysis
  39. By neutrality, the Milan therapist attempt to
  40. Haley believes every relationship contains within it an implicit struggle for
  41. In a stereotypical complementary interaction or relationship (best answer)
  42. An enduring set of core beliefs and attitudes that organizes subsequent perceptions is known as
  43. Who took the position that symptoms are strategies for controlling a relationship when other strategies have failed?
  44. Therapeutic double-binds
  45. Structuralists claim that dysfunctional families require
  46. The major characteristic of strategic family therapy is that the therapist
  47. Markman’s research on marital distress prevention found
  48. Which of Gottman’s four forms of negativity is insulting and abusive attitudes toward one’s spouse?
  49. Family mapping refers to the use of
  50. “He says he has to work late tonight. He’d rather be with someone else than me,” is an example of
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