COSC 622 Quiz Chapter Seven Overview

COSC 622 Quiz: Chapter Seven Overview

  1. Using sociometrics in schools may allow ostracism to occur between peers if not careful.
  2. There are no ethical concerns regarding sociometric measures.
  3. sociometrics may be used as an adaptions of peer nomination methods when working with preliterate peers.
  4. The basis of _______ is that children are asked to assign their peers to various roles (usually positive and negative roles) in an imaginary play.
  5. Sociometrics has been beneficial and accurate in determining:
  6. Sociometric techniques include a variety of procedures used within social groups to measure social constructs such as:
  7. Sociometrics is a potentially important assessment method because the constructs that are measured are important and highly predictive of future social and emotional outcomes.
  8. Peer rating is also known as _______.
  9. Longitudinal studies may do more harm than good in studying sociometric measures.
  10. The oldest and most widely used sociometric approach is:
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