COSC 622 Quiz Chapter Thirteen

COSC 622 Quiz: Chapter Thirteen Overview

  1. is a 72-item strength-based measure that can be completed by caregivers and teachers to assess the resilience and social–emotional competencies of children in grades kindergarten to 8
  2. can be described as specific behaviors that when initiated, lead to desirable social outcomes for the person initiating them.
  3. Which of the following is not an example of the behaviors targeted by the Student Interaction in Specific Settings Tools (SISS)?
  4. This dimension is dominated by social skills that reflect a child or adolescent who might be called “outgoing” or “extroverted” by others
  5. Children who acquire emotion knowledge and emotion regulation skills early in life may be able to respond prosocially to others and may demonstrate attentional control in the classroom
  6. describes the conceptual, social, and practical skills that people have learned to be able to function in their everyday lives
  7. The TPIC (Target Peer Interaction Code) requires coding of social behaviors of the target subject and interacting peers during continuous ten-second intervals
  8. Which of the following does not include the five primary dimensions of child and adolescent social skills identified by Caldarella and Merrell, (1997)
  9. Which of the following is NOT true of the Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS)?
  10. _is a characteristic related to social competence that is reflective of cognitive and emotional adjustment that has drawn more attention in the research literature
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