COSC 512 Quiz 5

COSC 512 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. Adult men in groups often engage in the group process by telling stories. Using ritual processes such as drumming, physical movement, and imagery exercises can be powerful adjuncts to traditional therapeutic groups for men. These are often termed 
  2. Multiple-family group therapy (MFGT) is a most challenging form of group work. Sayger identifies which of the following as especially benefiting from MFTG approach?
  3. Adult children of alcoholics tend to need help breaking Black’s three universal roles.  Which of the following is NOT a universal role as outlined by Black (1981)?
  4. The percentage of individuals in the United States over the age of 65 years old is almost_______.
  5. Following their sixteen-week, closed-ended, grief and loss psychotherapy group with adults as reported by Price et al, which of Yalom’s therapeutic factors was most identifiable?
  6. “Wisdom” according to Erikson refers to the ability to make effective choices among alternatives. Which of the following statements best illustrates Erikson’s “Integrity”? “I’m at an age when                                .
  7. Helen, at age 83, has entered a unique counseling/psychotherapy
    group with the expressed goal of her becoming more cognitively organized and to increase socialization skills through interpersonal interaction. This group is likely titled a  
  8. Individuals who may have “lost interest” with the present and future and instead focus on the past might benefit from  
  9. A major goal and focus of growth for “relationship groups” for adult women is reported to be 
  10. For young adult students in higher education, Vinson advocates that leaders carefully utilize   to help group members better understand the complex dynamics affecting their life development.
  11. Martin and Thomas report success in working with “shy” college students in behavioral/cognitive groups on campus. They advertised these groups as “clinics” for which of the following reasons?
  12. Solution-focused debriefing (SFD)groups share many features of other crisis debriefing group formats; one element is that all members                                      
  13. Which of the following is NOT a prominent type of career group?
  14. Topic-specific groups with older adults are   in nature
  15. The ideal setting for a group with older members should be 
  16. A short-term, structured ________ group focuses on a particular problem.
  17. Adulthood is conceptualized as the age period between 20 and 65 years. Midlife, therefore, is thought to begin around  .
  18. Counseling groups for older adults differ in several ways from those designed for other age groups. All of the following except   reflect such unique distinctions.
  19. An eclectic approach to couples group therapy, which includes elements of psychoanalysis, transactional analysis, Gestalt, cognitive therapy and systems theory, is  .
  20. Schlossberg coined the phrase, “density of time” which seems to  with age.
  21. The Gray Panthersand the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) are examples of                                  groups serving those age 65 and over.
  22. Groups geared toward the remediation of specific problems such as social isolation and physical decline are __________________.
  23. What percentage of older adults (those age 65 years or older) maintain their own households?
  24. Psychotherapy and counseling groups for older adults might focus on helping members                     
  25. Vince and his wife of 48 years, Ann, are 86 and 74 years old respectively. They are in the                       and                                  age ranges.


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