COSC 512 Quiz 3

COSC 512 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. The black hat in DeBono’s Six Hat approach stands for ___________________
  2. In working with African Americans in counseling and psychotherapy groups, Brinson and Lee found all of the following to be useful aids in promoting group interaction except  .
  3. Creativity is essentially the ability to produce _____ and _____ thoughts, behaviors, and feelings in a socially appropriate context.
  4. In the warm-up exercise “Train Station” group members get “rejected” by others in the group and learn
  5. Along with the ASGW’s Multicultural and Social Justice Competence Principles for Group Workers (2012) and its Professional Standards for the Training of Groups Workers (2000), which are important sources of ethical information, there is one document that specifically addresses ethical issues in group work, entitled:
  6. Asian and Asian Pacific Americans include a diverse array of more than                           disparate cultural groups.
  7. Brinson and Lee claim that a culturally responsive group leader must be aware of his or her cultural values, assumptionsand                                                         in order that to understand how they might impact upon the group process.
  8. Both the exercises of “locomotion” and “adverb” convey to group members that ____.
  9. One of the dominant values of professional ethics is  , which essentially means “avoiding doing harm.”
  10. To ensure that group members uphold their obligation to keep confidential the content of every group session, group leaders are encouraged to use all of the following except   
  11. African Americans may especially favor  group work as appropriate because of their
  12. Johnson believes that by working collaboratively with persons who differ from themselves in group work, all of the following benefits are probable except
    that members  .
  13. If an ethics complaint is filed against you as a group leader, you should       .
  14. One issue that is particularly crucial to consider for group leaders working with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients is  .
  15. in group work has to do with both inter- and intrapersonal honesty.
  16. The ______________ is the most significant element in many Arab American subcultures
  17. With regards to Arab Americans, group leaders must remember there is a sharp delineation of ______________ roles in family life
  18. Chiu advocates increasing the awareness and abilities of group leaders of culturally diverse groups through  .
  19. The concept, “Group work theory is appropriate for all clients” is a(n)                  .
  20. One device created to aid in ethical decision-making is to use the specific steps in Sileo and Kopala’s  A-B-C-D-E Worksheet. B and D inthis acronym stands for            and                                     .
  21. People of European origin in North America have long been in a position of                                      and                                          dominance with respect to other cultural groups, according to Lee.
  22. In adulthood many men ____ their feelings, and therefore have difficulty managing _______ emotions.
  23. When a leader suspects that a group member is breaking confidentiality, she or he should  .
  24. The promotion of self-determination of the power to choose one’s own direction in life is often referred to as  .
  25. Koss-Chioino recommend that group counselors working with groups of Hispanics/Latinos should be validating, supportive and  .
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