CJUS 702 Test 1

CJUS 702 Test 1 Liberty University

You may refer to your notes and textbooks at any time during the assessment. Each test response is to be in APA format (minus a cover-page and abstract), be 750 words in length, have in-text citations with a corresponding reference page, and include biblical in-text support to support your Christian world view. Do not hit the BACK button on your browser; this will lock you out of your test and require an email to your instructor for re-access. For any other technical problems during the test, please submit a help ticket via the Services/Support menu item.

What intervention techniques have been shown to be effective in youth affected by family violence?

Discuss DMC and its consequences.

What is the relationship between profiles of delinquents based on official statistics and the actual extent of delinquency?

What key race-based policies and practices have influenced the treatment of children and led to disparities?

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