CJUS 620 Quiz 1

CJUS 620 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Which area of forensic psychology concerns itself with police officer recruitment and testing?
  2. The FBI created which system of profiling?
  3. Which model of personality allowed researchers the ability to visualize and map-out the dynamics of behavior?
  4. Each of the following is a subdiscipline of forensic psychology EXCEPT:
  5. Which of the following would be an ethics violation by a licensed psychologist?
  6. Howard Teten attempted to develop a suspect’s profile by analyzing what?
  7. Which area of forensic psychology is reserved almost entirely for highly trained police officers?
  8. In terms of ethics, which of the following is a major difference between most forensic practitioners and traditional psychologists and counselors?
  9. Which of the following might an individual practicing legal psychology do?
  10. The work of this German psychologist examined the role of eyewitness testimony in the trial process.
  11. Describe one forensic activity that might occur at each step of the criminal justice process from the commission of the criminal act to incarceration.
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