CJUS 620 Quiz 8

CJUS 620 Quiz 8 Liberty University

  1. How many accepted strategies or techniques are there for completing forensic interviews?
  2. Forensic assessments are used in which of the following?
  3. Which area within the R-CRAS provides a measure of potential neurological damage or mental retardation within a defendant?
  4. Malingering refers to what?
  5. Any assessment and expert witness testimony must meet the constitutional requirements for admissibility, this is called what?
  6. When assessing for criminal responsibility, a practitioner is determining if a defendant was what?
  7. Forensic assessments are used to apprise Courts of a person’s what?
  8. When a test measures what it purports to measure, it is then said to have some measurable level of what?
  9. It is important to remember that a forensic practitioner does not bear the burden of proving what?
  10. Which screening or evaluation is the psychological equivalent of a physical exam and used to evaluate a defendants current emotional and cognitive functioning?
  11. Discuss the various types of criminal competency.
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