CJUS 620 Quiz 7

CJUS 620 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. The greater the pressure applied by the leader to influence jurors in their direction is an example of what antecedent condition?
  2. The group lacking levels needed to effectively debate an issue occurs in the presence of what antecedent condition?
  3. Each of the following is an activity that might be carried out by a trial consultant EXCEPT:
  4. What courtroom demeanor showcases frustration and anger during a stressful cross-examination?
  5. Which method allows the judge to conduct the questioning of potential jurors alone?
  6. The legal requirement of an act in furtherance of the crime is known as what?
  7. When the integrity of any evidence, including confessions, is called into question, what type of hearing is held?
  8. The ALI standard removed the “product test” from which legal standard of insanity?
  9. A forensic practitioner’s decisions relating to insanity and incompetence must be guided by what?
  10. What type of hearing is held when a criminal offender who has been committed to a psychiatric facility seeks discharge?
  11. Discuss the various conditions that must be present for “jurythink” to occur.
  12. Discuss the various demeanor types that a defendant may demonstrate during a trial.
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