CJUS 363 Term Paper

CJUS 363 Term Paper Liberty University

You are required to identify a Computer or Cyber Forensics issue/topic of interest to you that would result in a 10–12-page term paper to adequately present that issue. There are set milestones for submission of portions of the paper to facilitate a parallel process of development with the course of study. Topic Submission, Bibliography, and Outline drafts are graded as individual assignments and allow for minor correction through the course.

You will produce a final paper of 10-12 pages with relevant content, not counting the cover page, table of contents, and reference page. You will use APA style and ensure the topic is relevant to the course of study with a minimum of 10 references used for the reference page.

You will be graded on presentation and style, content, grammar and spelling, and basis of research (i.e. bibliography).

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