CJUS 363 Quiz 4

CJUS 363 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. E­mail administrators may make use of _________________, which overwrites a log file when it reaches a specified size or at the end of a specified time frame.
  2. Which e­mail recovery program below can recover files from VMware and VirtualPC virtual machines, as well as ISOs and other types of file backups?
  3. What information is not typically included in an e­mail header?
  4. What command below could be used on a UNIX system to help locate log directories?
  5. What service below can be used to map an IP address to a domain name, and then find the domain name’s point of contact?
  6. Compare and contrast email services on Internet and an intranet.
  7. Exchange uses an Exchange database and is based on the _______________________, which uses several files in different combinations to provide e­mail service.
  8. Syslog is generally configured to put all e­mail related log information into what file?
  9. In older versions of exchange, what type of file was responsible for messages formatted with Messaging Application Programming Interface, and served as the database file?
  10. On a UNIX system, where is a user’s mail stored by default?
  11. Many web­based e­mail providers offer _______________ services, such as Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk.
  12. Exchange servers maintain message logs in the ________________ log file.
  13. Describe the two different types of Facebook profiles.
  14. Select the program below that can be used to analyze mail from Outlook, Thunderbird, and Eudora.
  15. The DomainKeys Identified Mail service is a way to verify the names of domains a message is flowing through and was developed as a way to cut down on spam.
  16. One of the most noteworthy e­mail scams was 419, otherwise known as the
  17. In an e­mail address, everything before the @ symbol represents the domain name.
  18. Committing crimes with e­mail is uncommon, and investigators are not generally tasked with linking suspects to e­mail.
  19. What kind of files are created by Exchange while converting binary data to readable text in order to prevent loss of data?
  20. Where does the Postfix UNIX mail server store e­mail?
  21. How can routers be used to determine the path of an e­mail?
  22. Which option below is the correct path to the sendmail configuration file?
  23. In what state is sending unsolicited e­mail illegal?
  24. The _______________ utility can be used to repair .ost and .pst files, and is included with Microsoft Outlook.
  25. The sys file on a computer can contain message fragments from instant messaging applications.
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