CJUS 361 Quiz 3

Liberty CJUS 361 Quiz 3 Answers

  1. When taking photographs of evidence close up, the crime scene photographer should always?
  2. In the natural grid method in the scene photograph you must have the following elements?
  3. A perspective grid can be used as a __________for overall photographs?
  4. The ability to create 3D objects and view them from any perspective is referred to as?
  5. True or false: Close up photos, to assure proper proportion and to reduce distortion, should always be taken from the side of the evidence at an angle?
  6. Reverse projection requires creating a _________of the crime scene?
  7. In order to adequately document a crime scene which of the following must be done?
  8. Photogrammetry is designed to be used as a _____________to the traditional measuring techniques?
  9. Photogrammetry is the process of?
  10. True or false: Photogrammetry is more accurate than traditional measuring techniques?
  11. Although any item with known dimensions, such as a clipboard, can be used as a perspective grid an ideal grid has what dimensions?
  12. The perspective disc method is an alternative method to the perspective grid method, by comparison it usually produces?
  13. In photogrammetry ______________is the most important foundation?
  14. Photogrammetry requires which of the following?
  15. When testifying about using photogrammetry an attorney may try to?
  16. In making sketches one will sometimes use the:
  17. When natural features exist, photogrammetry can still be utilized this is referred to as the _________method?
  18. True or false: Today there are several computer programs that can assist in the process of photogrammetry and make the process easier than traditional methods of simply putting a known scale next to an object?
  19. True or false: In crime scene measurement of general items of evidence on a scene a difference of a 1/16 of an inch (or about 2mm) makes a big difference in the final crime scene diagram?
  20. Photogrammetry can also be used in
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