BUSI 561 Quiz 4

BUSI 561 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Lakeside Property. Ronnie agreed to act as the agent of Sue in finding a piece of lakeside property for her at a good price and also in obtaining a loan for her with which to purchase the property. She agreed to pay him $500 for doing so. To assist Ronnie in his duties, Sue disclosed to Ronnie confidential information about her finances and debts. Ronnie decided that he needed help and paid Rick $300 to look for property for Sue. Bruce told Ronnie about a great deal on a piece of lakeside property that Bruce had for sale. In fact, the deal was so good that Ronnie purchased the property for himself. When Sue found out about the property Ronnie bought for himself, she complained to Ronnie. He defended himself on the basis that he was not actually working for Sue when he found out about the deal. At the time, he was playing golf with Bruce. He also told Sue that he had hired Rick for $300 to assist him and that he could not be held liable because he had turned the job over to Rick. He asked Sue for reimbursement of that amount. Sue fired Ronnie threatening to sue him. Ronnie told Sue that he would counterclaim for the $300 owed to Rick. Only after he was fired, Ronnie disclosed to a number of parties information regarding Sue’s spending habits that he thought were excessive. Which of the following is the most likely result if Ronnie sues Sue for the $300 paid to Rick?
  2. When a contract exists and a principal agrees to certain conditions, but fails to perform, which of the following may the agent seek in order to force the principal to perform the contract as stipulated?
  3. A power of attorney must be for a specific purpose, not a general authority.
  4. An agency relationship that arises when an individual misrepresents herself as an agent for another party and that party accepts the unauthorized act is a(n)
  5. are investor-owners of a corporation.
  6. Corporate income is taxed twice.
  7. Community Fair. Craig and Melinda are searching for a one-time business opportunity that will enable them to make a sufficient amount of cash to take a really great vacation to Galapagos. They live in a rather small rural community that has not, to date, had a community fair. Craig and Melinda decide to sponsor a fair on a weekend in October and to arrange for exhibits and awards, beauty contests, pie eating contests, food vendors, and amusement rides. The profit to Craig and Melinda will come from ticket sales and from charges to food vendors for the privilege of setting up shop. Apart from some minor skirmishes between Craig and Melinda regarding management rights, preparations go fairly well. When the weekend of the fair arrives, things initially go fairly smoothly. Unfortunately, however, one of the beauty contestants slips on the runway. An argument broke out during the pie eating contests resulting in angry contestants throwing pies and injuring spectators. Finally, an elderly lady, who was angry because she did not win the prize for the best honey, jabbed the volunteer judge with her cane. All injured parties threaten to sue Craig and Melinda. Craig tells Melinda that she should bear the larger percentage of any damages because the idea for the fair was initially hers, and she obtained all necessary permits. Melinda, on the other hand, tells Craig that he should be wholly responsible for any damages because he was put in charge of all competitions. They can reach no agreement regarding winding up the project and splitting the meager profits, and angrily go their separate ways with no resolution. As she is leaving, Melinda shouts to Craig that as her agent he should have done a better job with security. Which of the following is true regarding any agency relationships between Craig and Melinda?
  8. is an organization formed by individuals to market products.
  9. Dividends are profits that a corporation keeps.
  10. Kite Sales. Wendy is president of a business that manufactures kites. The kites of her company, ABC Kites, are sold to large toy stores. After Wendy learned a great deal about kites, she started to make kites at home and to promote them to large toy stores. She also started selling kites to friends. Some of the directors learned about her kite sales and accused her of wrongdoing. Wendy denied any wrongdoing. What remedy will be imposed on Wendy, if any, for her home kite sales?
  11. ABC Corporation suffered damages when a supplier failed to deliver as agreed. The president of ABC did not institute suit as Garrett, a major shareholder, believed was proper. Garrett complained to the board of directors, but they refused to do anything. Which of the following is an option to Garrett in regard to a lawsuit against the supplier?
  12. An S corporation has the tax status of a partnership.
  13. The average investor does not have to register securities when he or she wants to sell.
  14. are profits made from the sale of company stock within a six-month period by a statutory trader.
  15. is the period beginning when an issuer begins to think about issuing securities and ending when the issuer files the registration statement and prospectus with the SEC.
  16. Investment contracts are securities.
  17. The Fair Labor Standards Act mandates that employees who are not excluded who work more than ______ hours in a week be paid no less than one and one half times their regular wage for all the hours beyond ______ that they work during a given week.
  18. Two forms of sexual harassment are quid pro quo and creation of a hostile work environment.
  19. Which of the following is false under federal law regarding employer monitoring of employee telephone calls?
  20. are exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
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