BUSI 561 Quiz 2

BUSI 561 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following must a plaintiff prove to win a recovery in a negligence case?
  2. Which of the following must a plaintiff prove to win a recovery in a negligence case?
  3. Pet Police. Millie breeds German Shepherd dogs. Bernard, who lives down the street, took in a stray dog loosely identified as a Corgi-plus. The dog, Casanova, would definitely be classified as a mixed breed. Bernard allowed Casanova to roam freely. Unfortunately, Casanova went to visit Millie’s pure-bred German Shepherd. Puppies resulted which were Shepherd and Corgi-plus puppies. Millie was incensed. She started a campaign to round up all of the stray dogs, including Casanova, and haul them off to the animal shelter. She picked up a few cats as well. She posted signs all over the neighborhood saying that no animal, neither dog, cat, nor fowl, should come into her yard and that she was going to begin shooting the next time, period. Understandably, Bernard and some of the other neighbors take offense. Bernard comes to Millie’s house while she is working in the yard. He walks behind her and shoves her. Millie did not see him coming. Millie turned around and proceeded to have a heated conversation with Bernard. Millie drew her fist back and told Bernard that she was going to punch him in the nose. Millie started to punch Bernard but he stepped back, and all she managed to do was jab him in the shoulder, causing no actual pain. Sally, who was going by on the street, saw Millie attempting to hit Bernard. Sally came over and grabbed Millie’s hands, pinning Millie’s hands behind her back. Millie’s action in jabbing Bernard after she missed his nose, constitutes which of the following?
  4. Tina negligently hits student Susie with her car. Which of the following is true?
  5. Which of the following is true regarding the law of negligence in Germany?
  6. Wrong Deck. Penny hires Jackson to paint her back deck on her house. She agrees to pay him $200 for the job, and he accepts, sight unseen. They enter into the agreement on Tuesday, and he is to paint the deck on Saturday. When Jackson arrives, neither Penny nor her neighbor is at home. He mistakenly paints the neighbor’s deck. Penny calls him the next day and asks him why he did not paint her deck. He informs her that he did paint the deck. It is then discovered that he mistakenly painted the neighbor’s deck. Penny tells him not to worry because the neighbor will be required to pay him. Jackson says that if the neighbor does not pay, then he expects all of his funds from Penny. Which of the following is true regarding Jackson’s assertion that Penny must pay him?
  7. What are the elements of a binding contract?
  8. All contracts are either formal contracts or informal contracts, which are also called simple contracts.
  9. Courtney, who does not keep up with the price of current technology, agrees to buy a used computer from Jake for $2,500. Later, Brice tells Courtney that she made a really bad deal and that she could get an even better new computer for no more than $1,000. Courtney tells Jake that she is not giving him any money because he was not fair with her. Which of the following is the most likely result if Jake sues Courtney alleging breach of contract?
  10. In a unilateral contract, one party’s consideration is a promise and the other party’s consideration is an act.
  11. Which of the following is an exception to the rule requiring consideration?
  12. A minor may be given full legal capacity to enter into contracts when he or she becomes
  13. How many states engage in at least some regulation of gambling?
  14. Guardians may be appointed for which of the following?
  15. A breach occurs whenever a party fails to perform her obligations under the contract.
  16. Dream Home. Maurice finds a dream home on the lake. He wants to buy it but is unsure whether he can get a loan. He signs a contract with the seller that he will buy the home if he can get a loan. Maurice also includes a contractual clause into the contract with the seller that if the purchase goes through but he loses his job within one year, the seller will repurchase the house for the same price Maurice paid for it. After getting a loan and buying the home, Maurice decided that he wanted new windows put into the home. He entered into a contract with a window contractor. The window contractor visited the home, but Maurice was always gone. The contractor made several attempts to reach Maurice, but Maurice would not return phone calls and made no attempt to assist the contractor with installation. The responsibility of Maurice to make arrangements to give the window installer access to the home is referred to as which of the following?
  17. Monetary damages awarded to a plaintiff in a very small amount are _________.
  18. In an origin contract who bears the risk of loss while the goods are in transit?
  19. With a simple delivery contract involving goods sold by a merchant that are to be delivered, when does risk of loss transfer to the buyer?
  20. The mirror-image rule has been adopted by the UCC.
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