BUSI 330 Discussion 3

Consider an idea that you have had for a new product, a product that falls into that category of “Gee, I wish someone would develop ________…” or “…I bet ________ would be a great product.”Here is your chance to develop the idea into a potential product!

Follow the 7 stages in the new product development process (from chs. 9–10), submitting 1 explanatory paragraph for each of the 7 stages. Identify the stage, page number, and the specific application to your new product idea.

Be creative. Where you may lack data to completely consider any of the 7 stages with respect to your imagined product, explain what would be necessary and/or what you know about the respective stage as it relates to the product you are developing.

Note: Remember that you are “imagining” or “creating” the information versus information that actually exists.

In an additional paragraph, explain why this new product may not succeed, and what could be done to overcome any obstacles to success.

Throughout each stage, be specific in the summary of your idea/product.

This is an “outside the box” assignment, but standard formatting, spell check, and grammatical accuracy is required.

Provide and explain a relevant Scripture reference to the subject under study this module/week. This does not contribute to the minimum length of 200 words.

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