AVIA 242 Quiz 1

AVIA 242 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Where will you find your fuel gauges on the Garmin G1000?
  2. How many Com Radios does the Garmin G1000 have in a Cessna 172?
  3. When turning the radio, which channel is active?
  4. How do you flip-flop your standby radio freq from standby to active?
  5. Can you listen and transmit on Com1 and listen to com2 at the same time. If so, how?
  6. ATC Gives you the following Cessna XXXX – Squawk 3210 IDENT
  7. The Garmin G1000 is capable of playing XM Radio Music?
  8. When you adjust the volume on the Com radios in the Garmin G1000, you are able to make one Com louder than the other?
  9. The following instruments are shown on the PFD:
  10. Will the G1000 NAV radio identify Morse Code?
  11. Up to 99 flight plans can be stored in the Garmin G1000?
  12. The active leg of your flight plan on the MFD map is magenta?
  13. You can view the active flight plan on both the PFD and MFD?
  14. How do you get in and out of the flight plan page group?
  15. The Emergency Procedures check list shows up first when you first push (CHKLIST on MFD)?
  16. When changing the radio channel, the frequency you are changing is within what color box
  17. To toggle between active navigation frequencies (ILS/VOR) you will press the <–> button to flip between the active and standby channel within the blue box. The active channel is on the right and the standby is on the left.
  18. How and where does your turn coordinator show up on the Garmin G1000 PFD?
  19. You can save a flight plan for later by pressing the following after entering your flight plan:
  20. TIS (Traffic Information Service) displays other aircraft traffic within 7.5nm, 3500 feet above, and 3000 below (when they have a working transponder).
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