AVIA 242 Quiz 2

AVIA 242 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. The Garmin G1000 audio panel has a built-in voice recorder (that records the past several radio transmissions) by pushing the “Play” button multiple times?
  2. The CDI Full-Scale deflection in a Garmin G1000 is the following (For both WAAS and Non-WAAS GPS’s):
  3. The Garmin G1000 will show a white annunciator on the PFD prior to entering a procedure turn, telling you which procedure turn is recommended.
  4. The GFC 700 Flight Director/Autopilot on the Garmin G1000 (in a Cessna 172) will manage Roll, Pitch, and Yaw.
  5. While shooting a GPS instrument approach using the Garmin G1000, one of the ways that you can tell that the GPS has switched to “Approach” mode is the text indication within the center of the HSI.
  6. What does AHRS stand for?
  7. What is the ADC?
  8. The active com frequency is displayed in red.
  9. If you press the COM radio frequency toggle key for two seconds, what occurs?
  10. One way to access the Nearest pages on the Garmin G1000 is with the NRST button on the PFD.
  11. Pressing the HDG knob on the Garmin G1000 will change the selected NAV device connected to the HSI.
  12. When you press the CRS knob on the Garmin G1000 your HSI course indicator will center and point to the selected waypoint.
  13. With TIS (Traffic Information System) on a Cessna 172 with a Garmin G1000, an audible alert “Traffic” will be heard when traffic is within 0.5 nm or 34 seconds of the aircraft and +/- 500 feet of vertical separation.
  14. If your pitot tube becomes plugged in a Cessna 172 with a Garmin G1000, your backup airspeed indicator will not be affected.
  15. RAIM stands for  Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring, which provides the integrity check capability to ensure the safe use of GPS for IFR flight operations
  16. Describe the indication(s) you would have from an electrical failure when using the Garmin G1000 in a Cessna 172 and the troubleshooting tips.
  17. One advantage of using the VNAV profile within the Garmin G1000 is to manage your proper decent planning for passenger comfort and safety.
  18. On the Garmin G1000 you can load entire victor airways and not have to load every waypoint manually.
  19. When flying the missed approach of an IFR instrument approach, The Garmin G1000 suspends automatic waypoint sequencing when the MAP is crossed (Basically the G1000 is planning on your landing), if you need to go missed you must press either the “GA” button or “SUSP” button to reactivate automatic waypoint sequencing.
  20. When using the Garmin G1000 GFC700 on a Cessna 172 to safely conduct a constant “Airspeed” climb to altitude, what button must be pushed?
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