ARTS 105 Quiz 4

ARTS 105 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Wood is a popular craft material because:
  2. Wood is not very durable because:
  3. The work Fractal.MGX was created using:
  4. Built for the World’s Fair in 1889, the ________ was an early experiment in iron construction.
  5. The Arts and Crafts movement came about as a reaction to:
  6. Fallingwater (the Kaufmann House in Mill Run, Pennsylvania) is a prime example of the “organic” architecture of:
  7. The Byodo-in Temple in Kyoto, Japan, is an elegant example of:
  8. A flying buttress is an arched exterior support system found on:
  9. Which of the following is made from the sap of a tree?
  10. ________ is most famous for his design of the geodesic dome.
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