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Discussion 1 – Purpose of apologetics

Discussion 2 – Topic: Apologetic Method

Based on the various methods and strategies of apologetics described in the assigned reading, identify what you think is the best apologetic method and defend your view. Your thread must incorporate the following topics addressed from your assigned readings:

  • The relationship between faith and reason and
  • A comparison between the evidentialist, presuppositionalist, and experientialist strategies.

Discussion 3 – Topic: Why Not Advancement?

Naturalistic evolution, process theology, and the idea of inevitable progress have dominated much of the cultural and intellectual landscape. These concepts believe that biological life is evolving into something better, science will one day solve all our problems, and progress is inevitable. L. Russ Bush, however, builds the case that this thinking is wrong. Instead, he argues that Christianity is true and possesses the only viable answer to advancement thinking. Compose a thread answering the following questions:

  • What is wrong with advancement thinking?
  • How can Christianity respond to advancement thinking?

Of the ideas presented in Bush’s book, you must focus on those you believe to be most significant. At the bottom of your thread, be sure to include a total word count. Submit your thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday.

Discussion 4 – Topic: The Resurrection of Jesus

The significance of the resurrection of Jesus for apologetics cannot be overstated. The resurrection of Jesus presents the central and foundational evidence of the truth of Christianity. Compose a thread in which you discuss the significance of the resurrection and how the resurrection can be incorporated into a defense of Christianity. Your thread must demonstrate a clear grasp of the issues addressed in your assigned reading. You must incorporate the following topics from your assigned reading:

  • The historical facts of the death, the empty tomb, and the postmortem appearances of Jesus
  • The transformation of Jesus’ disciples
  • Alternative naturalistic explanations
  • Why one of the alternative naturalistic explanations presents the greatest challenge, and what you believe is the best response.

At the bottom of your thread, be sure to include a total word count.

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