TRMA 810 Quiz 2 Trauma and Memory

TRMA 810 Quiz 2: Trauma and Memory

  1. Accuracy of the recall of an event is dependent upon all but which of the following?
  2. People who live in nations subjected to war are exposed to ______ stress as people in America.
  3. When assisting a client with both PTSD and alcohol or drug dependence, Friedman recommends that
  4. The state of being preoccupied by watchful or protective behavior motivated by excessive fears for personal safety is called
  5. Which of the following individual psychotherapies is not primarily used treat PTSD?
  6. The therapeutic relationship
  7. Of the various risk factors for PTSD, Friedman claimed that one of the following was especially strong. Which was he referring to?
  8. Patients practice techniques learned in therapy by exposing themselves to environmental stimuli that represent their most feared situations is a description of
  9. A “cross-over trauma” involves:
  10. Which of the following is NOT a symptom of PTSD in the DSM-5 additional symptom cluster?
  11. According to Sanderson, the most powerful aspect for healing and change is
  12. Alterations in arousal and reactivity includes all except which of the following?
  13. Assessment
  14. Interventions to restore control over trauma reactions include all but
  15. Transference reactions can lead to the counselor being viewed as a source of harm, also characterized as the
  16. “Any group that uses psychological manipulation to impair, destroy, or make captive an individual’s freedom of thought or reasoning abilities, done with the hidden purpose of promoting the wealth, power, or vanity of charismatic … leaders” defines
  17. PTSD cannot be diagnosed until ________ an individual has been exposed to trauma.
  18. Approximately what percent of all Americans will be exposed to at least one traumatic event in their lifetime
  19. Sanderson says that _______ can be the most dangerous place in the world and needs to be managed sensitively.
  20. The long-term course for most people with chronic PTSD is marked by
  21. Which term does not belong in the category of psychological manipulation techniques (as might be used in a cult)?
  22. PTSD can persist for
  23. Healing from complex trauma
  24. Common beliefs of victims do not include:
  25. Amnesia is much more common for traumatic events that
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