THEO 525 Exam 4

THEO 525 Exam 4 Liberty University

  1. Using Elwell’s text, match the following terms with their definitions. Guilt, Worldliness, Sin, Total depravity
  2. According to Erickson, which of the following approaches is the best, in regard to the study of sin?
  3. Match the following: World, Powers, Collective Sin, Corporate Personality
  4. Erickson is careful to distinguish the biblical concept of “sowing and reaping” from the Buddhist and Hindu concepts of Karma by which of the following arguments?
  5. Match the following: Causes of sin, Missing the mark, Literally: “to cross over.”, Results of sin
  6. The primary strategies for overcoming social sin, according to Erickson, include which of the following?
  7. G. Justice noted that the concept of sin and guilt became more clearly ethical and peronsal in one of the following:
  8. Romans 5:12-19 includes which of the following phrases in relation to original sin?
  9. Which of the following does Erickson describe as “good in and of themselves,” but “potential areas for temptation and sin?”
  10. According to Charles Ryrie, the proper definition of total depravity should not focus primarily on the questions of sinfulness vs. goodness or ability vs. inability, but on fallen man’s relation to a holy God
  11. Erickson noted that one of the reasons we have difficulty recognizing social sin is because of the following statement. Fill in the blank to complete this statement.
    “The further removed we are from the actual evil, .”
  12. Match each theologian or theory with that view’s intended “cure for sin.” Tennant, Niebuhr and Tillich, Elliott, Liberation theology
  13. Of the various approaches dealing with the essential natureof sin, which is the one that Erickson prefers?
  14. Of the various approaches to the study of the doctrine of Sin, the one that Erickson favors is which of the following?
  15. F. Harrison noted that this writer used kosmosmore extensively as presenting something that is hostile to God:
  16. The extent of sin is .
  17. Match the following: Physical Death, Spiritual Death, Eternal Death, Denial of sin
  18. C. Ryrie noted in his article that the relationship of fallen man to God is described by which of the following terms?
  19. D. Webster defined this ideology to be “a movement that attempts to unite theology and sociopolitical concerns.”
  20. S. Piggin identified intermediate beings which are lower than God and higher than man as which of the following?
  21. Sin is best described as which of the following?
  22. The results of sin which affect the sinner’s relationship with God include which of the following?
  23. Which of the following terms denotes the basic concept of the sinner’s liability to God’s punishment?
  24. Match the following: Divine Disfavor, Guilt, Punishment, Death
  25. Which of the following theologies understands sin as arising from economic struggle?
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