THEO 525 Exam 2

THEO 525 Exam 2 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following is notone of the aspects of God’s holiness, as discussed in Erickson.
  2. Inspiration has to do with the “words” of the Bible as given in the original text.
  3. Match the following: Immanence, Classical Liberalism, Panentheism, Process Theology
  4. Match the following: Absolute Inerrancy, Limited Inerrancy, Full Inerrancy, Theory of Accommodated Revelation
  5. Erickson would agree that God’s “truth” should be acknowledged regardless of where we find it-even if it is contained in a false religion.
  6. McRay affirms that the faith of Israel existed for hundreds of years without having a book (Scripture).
  7. At least in the Western Church, Athanasius was considered a great champion of Christological Orthodoxy.
  8. Match the following: Human categories of thought and action, Midway between univocal and equivocal, God reveals Himself by name, Revelation inhistory
  9. According to Erickson, God’s freedom is “limited” in the sense that He cannot act contrary to His nature.
  10. R. Williams noted that from the perspective of Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Classical Protestantism, holiness has been viewed in a variety of ways. Match the following concepts with the best answer for each.
  11. What two passages of Scripture which posed the greatest difficulty for Karl Barth in his effort to establish a biblical case for his views regarding natural theology?
  12. Give the BEST answer. According to Erickson, “divine speech” may be:
  13. Match with the best answer: Realism, Nominalism, God’s perfection, God is real
  14. Erickson argues that the locus of general revelation in the human is evident from:
  15. The inspiration of Scripture and the Authority of Scripture are two entirely unrelated issues, according to Erickson.
  16. The most outstanding example of Natural Theology in the history of the church is the effort of
  17. According to Erickson, there is common ground between believers and unbelievers.
  18. Match the following: Phenomena, Words Inspired, Concepts, Didactic Material
  19. In relation to the doctrine of the Trinity, please match the following: The Oneness of God, The Father is God, The Son is God, The Holy Spirit is God
  20. Erickson would agree that God is the Author of the Bible.
  21. Thomas argued that we could prove certain things by reason alone. Which of the following was NOT one of those listed.
  22. Revelation ashistory describes the thinking of which of the following.
  23. Natural Theology assumes the integrity of the person perceiving and learning from creation.
  24. According to McRay, the earliest list of the NT books containing only our twenty-seven books appeared in A.D. 367.
  25. Match the appropriate description or example with each attribute. Personality, Life, Infinity, Constancy
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