THEO 107 Quiz 3

THEO 107 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. God is referred to as Father on ________ occasions in the Scriptures.
  2. God is mentioned by the title Father in which of the following books?
  3. What two scripture passages seem to suggest we will see the Father in heaven?
  4. Jesus revealed this basic fact concerning the nature of the Father:
  5. The Father shows His relationship with creation by tending and caring for vegetation.
  6. The Father is the potter and Israel is the clay.
  7. Our Lord began and concluded his ministry by referring to the Father.
  8. According to John 11:41-42, the Father listened to His Son.
  9. According to Matthew 13:43, the Father has prepared a kingdom for believers.
  10. Willmington lists 25 ways that the Father ministers to Christians.  In no less than 300 words, list and describe6 of these ministries and include Scripture references to back up your points.
  11. Willmington discusses the Father’s relationship with Israel.  In no less than 250 words, list and describeat least two aspects of the Father’s relationship to Israel; include Scripture to back up your points.
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