SOCI 200 Community Observation Paper

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You will take an active part in a community outreach activity of your choosing; this will enable you to connect with the needs of the community (e.g., work at a shelter, a camp, a recreation center, tutoring younger children, etc.). This can be purely voluntary, or it can be an activity related directly to your employment. Typically, the observation will last between 2–4 hours. However, the observation may take longer, and enough observation must be done in order to complete all aspects of this assignment.


Upon completion of your observation, you will write a 3-page paper explaining the experience and what was learned from the experience. Using the information about sociology gained from the course, you will answer the following 4 questions in detail (Note: these questions must be your subheadings when writing the paper):

  1. What was observed during the experience?
  2. How did the experience affect you?
  3. What are the needs of the population that you interacted with for this assignment?
  4. How can you help make a difference with this group?


The finished project must include 3 full pages of content as well as a cover page in current APA format. The paper must be written in first person.


Refer to the grading rubric for specific grading criteria. This assignment will be submitted through SafeAssign in order to check for plagiarism and the validity of work. Word count is to be noted on this assignment.

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