SOCI 200 Exam 3

SOCI 200 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. This Midianite woman powerfully intervened on the eve of the Exodus.
  2. _______ _______ is the classification of person into groups based on shared socioeconomic conditions such as wealth or power.
  3. ________ is the mutual respect of another’s culture despite significant philosophical differences.
  4. Which of the following is NOT true about underclass realities?
  5. Winston Churchill advocated for the abolition of slavery in England and succeeded in 1806.
  6. According to the Sociology is Rudetextbook, Christians who engage in sports should play with the joy of ________.
  7. This class includes individuals with considerable wealth in regard to personal property, real estate, stocks, bonds, or money:
  8. According to the Sociology is Rudetextbook, which movie gives one of the best examples of what men face regarding social expectations of masculinity?
  9. ________ is when a person forsakes his or her own culture to become part of another one.
  10. The well-being of players is a powerful part of the potential positive or negative value of sports.
  11. In a survey conducted 2015, women spend 2.6 hours on housework while men only spent 1.6 hours.
  12. The ________ ________ ________ is an economic theory suggested by Edna Bonacich describes the virtual community where people compete for jobs and resources.
  13. This early feminine theologian offered an alternative perspective on the persona of God by focusing on his motherly aspects.
  14. According to the Sociology is Rudetextbook, each sex and gender:
  15. According to the Global Slavery Index, ________ people in the world today are living in slavery.
  16. Which denomination believes that Jesus never drank alcoholic wine?
  17. The writings of this early feminine theologian such as “The Flowing Light of Divinity” stir the soulful fires by pointing to the loss of humanity and even more importantly giving insight into God’s loving relationship.
  18. Which of the following is NOT a principle of social stratification?
  19. Match the following terms with their appropriate definitions:
  20. This class is the largest class in the United States and includes people between the upper and worker classes, such as professionals and businessmen:
  21. Which denomination emphasizes Mary’s “Immaculate Conception”?
  22. The caste system, which is a locked, hereditary, and ontologically divisive social stratification system, is seen in countries like:
  23. ________ is the combination of a majority or minority group into a whole new group.
  24. _______ _______are set apart because of national origins or distinctive cultural patterns.
  25. According to the textbook, which movie both affirms and challenges historical and cultural understandings of gender stratification?
  26. The richest 1% of the U.S. population owned as much property and goods as 96% of all other American’s combined holdings.
  27. This theory attempts to address ethnic and racial issues through the advancement of social justice and cultural awareness.
  28. In America, 1 in ________ people are 65 years are older.
  29. This early feminine theologian, who was also a Dominican tertiary nun, presented an intelligent analysis of the ideal of perfection in man (in God) and tried to enkindle the Holy See of Peter to return to Rome as its original and rightful establishment.
  30. ________ is the fallacious belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that people-group so as to distinguish it as the superior or inferior to another race.
  31. ________ ________ is the policy favoring people groups who tend to suffer from discrimination especially in relation to employment or education.
  32. This class includes individuals with the least amount of education and with the most employment problems:
  33. This is the first person to witness and proclaim the resurrection of Jesus and was described by Thomas Aquinas as the “Apostle to the Apostles.”
  34. Match the following terms with their appropriate definitions:
  35. According to the Sociology is Rudetextbook, being a Christian means:
  36. Many refer to Mexican Americans as ________, which carries with it both positive and negative associations.
  37. This Moabite widow altered the trajectory of her life and the life of her mother-in-law, Naomi, turning a story of death and hopelessness into a story of redemption.
  38. ________ is a severe form of inescapable stratification that has its roots deep within every continent, race, culture, and people group.
  39. The telos of unity crosses borders of gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.
  40. This Canaanite prostitute saved the Israelite spies form being discovered by the men of Jericho.
  41. Across the globe, 15% of the world’s population is 65 years or older.
  42. The smallest minority group in America is:
  43. This early feminine theologian enlightened her readers regarding the relationship of God and the soul through her poetic prose and pious lifestyle.
  44. Women’s suffrage was won in America with the passing of which constitutional amendment?
  45. _______ _______ are groups whose members have less control or power over their own lives than people within the dominate group.
  46. In the book of Genesis, the foundation of humanity is constructed to show that women are valued by God.
  47. Which movement promotes female political empowerment?
  48. This New Testament woman was named a deacon of the church of Cenchrae.
  49. According to the Sociology is Rudetextbook, the Communist takeover of Greece was both beneficial and egalitarian.
  50. Americans are famous for their Puritanical work ethic that may shame the elderly who are no longer as productive as they once were.
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