RLGN 360 Quiz 2

RLGN 360 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. According to Davis, an excellent presentation must reach beyond the paper to involve the ___________, even in the preparation process.
  2. The _________ stage is where the speech is just a gleam in your eye.
  3. Video cameras are often located behind the audience. Thus, they do not make for an acceptable means of practicing eye contact.
  4. Singing is a suitable means of vocally preparing for a presentation only if you are a trained singer who is aware of proper vocal techniques.
  5. Creating a simple outline for your audience to follow is an example of involving your audience in
  6. Effective communication is only possible when the communicator’s face is visible.
  7. A good storyteller will often concentrate on the ___________ domain.
  8. _____________ is the shortest distance between two people
  9. Giving consideration to the audience moves a talk from a performance to an experience. This is because the audience becomes a part of the presentation.
  10. When you really believe what you say, your whole body gets involved.
  11. Belief generates passion, and passion persuades.
  12. ______________ let their arms hang like lead at their sides reducing their motion to only their hands.
  13. _________ humor is most often associated with stand-up comedy.
  14. _________________ voices are used for emphasis or character.
  15. Good sound reproduction has limited impact on the versatility and voice inflection of the speaker.
  16. To communicate with authority and confidence, stand with your feet slight apart and one foot slight ahead of the other.
  17. The cost of saving time is _________________.
  18. Jesus avoided using ordinary objects and events as a means of illustrating key points.
  19. According to Davis, the best messages can be heard, felt, and lived.
  20. ________________ is a gentle way to acknowledge human frailty.
  21. Good sound reproduction saves strain on the speaker’s voice.
  22. The _____________ interlocks her fingers at about waist level and then delivers her speech.
  23. Some of the best humor is the humor born of simple truth.
  24. A spectrum of light is the primary indication that the lights are bright enough and at a low enough angle.
  25. Your natural voice is also known as the _________.
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