PSYC 676 Quiz 6

PSYC 676 Quiz 6

PSYC 676 Quiz Recovery and Rehabilitation of the Adult Brain

Covers the Learn material from Module 6: Week 6.

  1. Kindling has been demonstrated to occur in the:
  2. Teuber’s study on the long-term improvement of soldiers with brain wounds in the Korean War suggests that recovery is greatest in those soldiers who were _____ at the time of injury.
  3. After completing an evaluation of a patient who experienced a stroke in the left hemisphere and has possible aphasia, you have determined that some aspects of language have been spared. To what would you attribute this finding?
  4. reflects brain changes that are necessary to modify neuronal ensembles that are already present.
  5. Brain implants of fetal tissue are currently in experimental use for the treatment of:
  6. In the amnesic H.M., his basic IQ scores _____ with long-term follow-up exams, and his amnesia
  7. After a series of higher-than-normal stimulations followed by a rest period, a baseline stimulation to a neuron elicits a greater excitatory postsynaptic potential from another neuron that receives its projections. This phenomenon is known as:
  8. Nudo and colleagues found that the size of the area regulating the hand near where they had lesions _____ in the absence of rehabilitation.
  9. Which is NOT part of the sequence of recovery from motor-cortex damage over a period of days or weeks?
  10. A vitally important additional treatment for an aphasic receiving daily speech therapy is:
  11. Which of the following factors does NOT increase cell proliferation of hippocampal granule neurons?
  12. Teuber found, in his study of brain-damaged vets, that the poorest recovery rates were in those soldiers who suffered:
  13. Rabies is an example of a(n):
  14. The MOST benign type of brain tumor is:
  15. Incidence of traumatic brain injury is highest among:
  16. What is a general term for about 45 percent of brain tumors that result from glial cells and infiltrate the brain substance?
  17. The polio virus seems to have a special affinity for:
  18. “Cerebral vascular accident” is another term for:
  19. Meningitis is a type of:
  20. Headaches that begin with an aura lasting 20 to 40 minutes are usually classified as _____ headaches.
  21. The corpus callosum is particularly vulnerable to damage following:
  22. Which of the following events is NOT a secondary consequence of closed-head brain trauma?
  23. About _____ percent of the population is likely to experience at least one seizure during their lifetime.
  24. The MOST frequent cause(s) of cerebral hemorrhage is(are):
  25. Myasthenia gravis is due to an insufficiency of:
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