PSYC 651 Quiz Module 5

PSYC 651 Quiz: Performance Management and Employee Development

Covers the Textbook material from Module 5: Week 5.

  1. Multisource feedback should only be used for administrative purposes.
  2. It would be unwise to implement a multisource feedback system in an organization:
  3. One of the goals of a feedforward interview is to:
  4. A multisource is less effective for an individual who perceives a need to change.
  5. How does a multisource feedback system help employees take control of their own careers?
  6. Which of the following is an advantage to a multisource feedback system?
  7. Multisource feedback systems where the feedback is anonymous are more likely to be successful.
  8. When is a multisource feedback system most useful?
  9. Good developmental plans focus on developing career competencies including:
  10. To be successful in performing their functions in the creation and completion of the employee’s developmental plan, supervisors:
  11. The overall objective of a developmental plan is to encourage continuous learning, performance improvement, and personal growth.
  12. Rater error training programs include:
  13. Raters in successful multisource feedback systems receive ___________ and
  14. Which of the following is included in the direct supervisor’s role in creating a developmental plan?
  15. One goal of a feedforward interview is to think about ways that an employee’s skills can be used to make further improvements in the future.
  16. What is the objective of a developmental plan?
  17. If there are no promotion opportunities available in an organization, then it should not be written into developmental plans for its employees.
  18. Because multisource feedback systems gather feedback from multiple sources, there is a decreased chance of ______________ in the identification of employees’ weaknesses.
  19. Multisource feedback systems will be effective in all organizations.
  20. A gap analysis is conducted examining the areas for which there are large discrepancies between __________ and
  21. A direct supervisor’s functions regarding employee development include all of the following except:
  22. A temporary assignment is a developmental activity that allows an employee to receive publications and attend informal and formal meetings in which employees have an opportunity to learn about best practices in their industries.
  23. is/are a developmental process that consists of a one-on-one relationship between a senior (mentor) and junior (protégé) employee.
  24. A multisource is less effective for an individual who perceives a need to change.
  25. Developmental plans should keep the needs of both the organization and the employee in mind.
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