PSYC 651 Quiz Case Study Evaluating Vision

PSYC 651 Quiz: Case Study: Evaluating Vision and Mission Statements

Covers the Covers Case Study 3-1 material from Module 3: Week 3.

  1. Basic product/service to be offered (does what)
  2. Fundamental concern for survival through growth and profitability
  3. Managerial philosophy of the firm
  4. Primary markets or customer groups to be served (to whom)
  5. Public image sought by the organization
  6. Self-concept of business adopted by employees and stockholders
  7. Technology to be used in production or delivery
  8. Unique benefits, features, and advantages of products/services (with what benefits)
  9. Brief—so that employees can remember it
  10. Verifiable—able to stand the reality test
  11. Bound by a timeline—specifies a timeline for fulfillment of the various aspirations
  12. Focused—lists a few (3 to 4) aspects of the organization’s performance that are
  13. Understandable—written in a clear and straightforward manner so that it is understood by all employees
  14. Inspiring—makes employees feel good about their organization’s direction and motivates them to help achieve the vision
  15. Stretch—goal not easily attained
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