PPOG 506 Discussion 4

PPOG 506 Discussion 4 Liberty University Answers

Thread Prompt: Search this website in order to discuss the information on the NATO country you have chosen.

Once you go to the CIA World Factbook, look to the top right of the link above and then select “Please select a country to view.” In order to better understand geopolitical resources in a country, discuss in the forum the following information regarding the NATO country you chose:

  1. Geography
    1. Border countries
    2. Maritime claims
    3. Coastline
    4. Natural resources
    5. Land use
    6. Environment – current issues
  2. Economy
    1. Economy – overview
    2. Agriculture – products
    3. Industries
    4. Exports – commodities
    5. Imports – commodities
    6. Exports – partners
    7. Imports – partners
  3. Military – manpower fit for military service


    1. Crude oil production
    2. Natural gas production

    Transnational issues

    1. Disputes – international
    2. Refugees and internally displaced persons
  1. Introduction – background
  2. You need to summarize what you learned from the US Bilateral Relations Fact Sheet for the country you are representing in the NATO simulation. If you are representing a country in the Middle East, you might also want to look at this informative document.
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