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You will prepare a 2,500–3,000-word Research Paper – Final that expounds on the content previously submitted in the Research Paper – Topic Proposal. (Be sure to take into account any previous feedback from the instructor.) You must exhibit sound economic analysis as well as strong English and organizational skills in your work. Use a minimum of 5–7 scholarly sources, cited in current Turabian format. You must also include an abstract. Be aware that while the abstract counts toward the word total, the References List does not.


Title: Economics of the Great Recession and Bailout of 2008


When recessions are experienced in the economy, there is a reduced level of economic activity which leads to slow economic development. The great recession of 2008 / 2009 was seen to have negative effects on the economy and as such, policy makers and regulatory authorities strive to ensure that such high intensity recessions are not repeated. This paper identifies the macroeconomic concepts of recessions while citing reasons for their occurrence. It also seeks to discuss the economics and the history of the recession while detailing how and why it took place. A parallelism is drawn between the great depression of 1929 and the recession of 2008 shedding light on important similarities and differences between the two. The paper further describes the initiatives of the government in handling recession and in particular, delves into the details of the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) highlighting its advantages and its programs that helped alleviate the U.S. from the recession. It also describes critique against the program and attempts to identify alternatives for the same. Throughout the paper, Christian principles are employed in assessing the actions undertaken in giving solutions to the issues highlighted.

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