PLST 340 Quiz Final

PLST 340 Quiz Final

Covers the Learn material from Module 1: Week 1 – Module 8: Week 8.

  1. Justin and Jessica had been happily married for 12 years. Together, they had 2 children; Abigail (10) and Jeremy (6). Both parents were actively engaged in the lives of their children with each parent very involved in activities typical for a family with young children. Jessica has been at home with the children full time for the past 10 years. Justin is a successful singer/songwriter. His career takes him on the road much of the year. His concert schedule has him traveling across the country and abroad on a regular basis. Justin and Jessica have mutually decided to end their 12 year marriage. Neither of them seem to be able to agree on child custody or child support arrangements. Both are seeking full custody of the children and child support.
  2. Don and Kelly were married for 10 years. During most of that time, they had a good marriage. Don and Kelly are both professionals, however, for the
    past 3 years Kelly has been a stay-at-home mom. Kelly left her job as a school teacher to take care of their son Luke who is now 4 years old. Don has continued to advance in his career as an accountant and has recently requested a divorce from Kelly. Don does not want to pay child support or alimony. He would like Kelly to go back to work immediately. Kelly wants Don to honor their agreement that Kelly would remain at home with Luke until he began kindergarten in 2 years. Kelly is also concerned about re- entering the job market because she is going to need some additional training now in order to be able to go back into teaching.
  3. Family violence is a sad and painful reality in our current society. There is a history of family violence that some might say has been influenced by traditional common law rights established between husbands and wives that gave power and control over the wife to the husband. Fortunately, the current legal trends consider the interests of all spouses while also providing more support and protection to the victims of family violence. Using (and citing to) your textbook to inform your responses, please respond to the following questions:


Students will answer three short essay questions. There is not a minimum or maximum length requirement. However, the student will need to explain their responses fully with well-reasoned explanations, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the topics as explained throughout the course. The student may also incorporate additional research.  The content must be the students own and should not be comprised of more than 25% quotes.

Each short essay response must cite a minimum of two scholarly sources using in text Bluebook citation format.  Acceptable sources include the textbook, the Bible, and scholarly articles.

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