PHYS 101 Quiz Optics

PHYS 101 Quiz: Optics

Module 8: Week 8

  1. If the magnification produced by an optical system is negative, the image is
  2. Fresnel lenses are
  3. Choose the lens having the shortest focal length.
  4. A lens that is thinner at the center than the edges
  5. Diverging light rays from a nearby object (a few focal lengths away from the mirror) strike the surface of a concave mirror. After reflecting from the mirror’s surface, the rays will converge at
  6. In optics, what is meant by an “interface?”
  7. Image height divided by object height gives
  8. Liquid crystal displays make use of
  9. The Hubble Space Telescope
  10. Which angle is the angle of incidence for the light ray shown approaching the plane mirror?
  11. The light directly from the Sun is
  12. When light enters glass from air, which of these properties of the light change?
  13. You see colors in a rainbow because of
  14. According to the law of reflection, a light ray striking a mirror at an angle of incidence of 30 degrees will leaves the mirror at an angle of
  15. Two otherwise identical light waves arriving at the same point with peak matching valley undergo
  16. A diverging lens is thicker at the center than the edges.
  17. Your eye’s iris changes the size of your pupil to adjust the amount of light that enters your eye.
  18. A light ray can pass through a diverging lens without being deflected.
  19. You look at yourself in a plane mirror. If you move away from the mirror and look at yourself again, you now see more of yourself.
  20. A one-way mirror works because its surfaces are half-silvered.
  21. In order to see a rainbow, the Sun must be directly in front of you.
  22. The Hubble Space Telescope has been repaired.
  23. Liquid crystal displays make use of interference of light.
  24. Diverging lenses have negative focal lengths.
  25. Light goes slower through glass than through air.
  26. Select the closest matching pairs possible. Aberrations Refraction Law of Reflection Total Magnification internal reflection
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