PHSC 210 Quiz 6

PHSC 210 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following is NOT a depositional feature of the shore?
  2. During the Ice Age
  3. When thick accumulations of glacial ice melt along a coastline (like in Maine or Norway), relative sea level will _____ due to isostatic rebound of the land
  4. The Coconino Sandstone was likely deposited as
  5. This book of the Bible contains more references to snow, cold and ice than any other is
  6. Combined, glaciers and deserts cover approximately what percentage of the earth’s land surface?
  7. A landform that resembles a flat-topped “table” in a desert setting is referred to as a(n)
  8. The smallest difference in tidal range is seen during which phase of the tidal cycle?
  9. Most sand dunes are made up of the mineral
  10. In the North Atlantic gyre, which current travels along the western coasts of Europe and Africa?
  11. A wave with a wavelength of 10 meters breaks (creates surf) at what depth?
  12. The types of glaciers that predominated during the ice age were
  13. If you watch a rock embedded in the surface of a retreating valley glacier, over time the rock will
  14. A national park in the United States famous for its many alpine glacial features is
  15. What is the wave base for an open-ocean wave with a wavelength of 80 meters?
  16. All of these features except _____ are typically produced by alpine glaciation
  17. Which coast of North America is characterized by the tidal pattern shown below?
  18. This type of glacier now covers most of the land area of the island of Greenland
  19. The terminus moves upslope in a retreating glacier.
  20. Many barchan dunes can be found along the eastern shores of Lake Michigan.
  21. Wind blows parallel to the crests of longitudinal dunes.
  22. The angle of repose in sand is about 20°.
  23. Pediments are triangular-shaped features found at the bases of mountains in deserts.
  24. A sea stack is a shoreline depositional feature.
  25. Storm waves are not deep enough to mix sediment in the offshore region.
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