PHSC 210 Quiz 2

PHSC 210 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. The record of magnetism in rocks is called _________________.
  2. Gemstones such as garnets and many important metal ore minerals are most often found in
  3. The type of metamorphic rock that is the most widespread is
  4. Where might you go to see a continental rift valley?
  5. The most widespread type of metamorphic rock would be
  6. Noah’s flood lasted approximately how long?
  7. Which rock does not contain interlocking crystals
  8. A rock that has a phaneritic texture and is composed of hornblende and Ca-rich plagioclase would be a
  9. The ____________ is an example of an active, continent-continent collision.
  10. Foliation would be best developed in
  11. Choose the period of time when the rock cycle was least active
  12. _______________________ was a naval officer who was instrumental in formulating modern plate tectonics theory.
  13. The broad, generally flat region of the ocean floor is called the ___________________.
  14. Which one of the following rocks is most difficult to explain from a conventional perspective?
  15. This sedimentary structure forms in a similar way to the hydraulic fracking method used in the petroleum industry:
  16. When Pangaea split, it divided into two major sections. What is the name of the northern section?
  17. Which type of igneous rock would contain the most silica?
  18. A rock has dimensions of 1 x 1 x 1 meters.  Which one would weigh the least?
  19. Catastrophic Plate Tectonics was proposed in 1994.
  20. Sedimentary rocks are usually made up of many particles.
  21. The Andes Mountains are island arc volcanos.
  22. Plates can include either continental crust or oceanic crust, but not both.
  23. Runaway subduction is the main mechanism that drove Catastrophic Plate Tectonics during Noah’s Flood.
  24. Mineral identification is an important aspect for the classification of igneous rocks.
  25. Using a catastrophic plate tectonics model, describe how water from the oceans was able to cause global flooding during Noah’s Flood.  Provide at least three examples.  Your answer should be at least one paragraph in length.
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