PACO 615 Final

PACO 615 Quiz Final Marriage Dynamics and Marriage Counseling Final

  1. The Masters and Johnson four-phase model of the sexual response of men and women includes _____________ phases (in the correct order).
  2. A pastoral counselor who recommends books to couples could recommend The Dream Home book to the following:
  3. The Moitinhos describe the conflict between Larry and Sally. As you remember, they argued on the way to church, Larry became extremely angry (experienced flooding) and did not even walk into church. If you were counseling them the next day, you could do the following:
  4. According to the Pew Research Center, ____ in ten Americans use social media to connect with one another, engage with news content, share information and entertain themselves.
  5. The Moitinhos believe that couples grow in spiritual intimacy when they serve God together. The ABCs’ of real ministry can help couples grow spiritually. The ABC’s include the following:
  6. The Moitinhos emphasize that every room of the home influence the bedroom. By this they mean:
  7. According to the GOBankingRanks 2019 survey, “______ — claimed they had no money put aside for retirement, while ____ said they’ll retire with less than $10,000 to their name.”
  8. In the Speaker-Listener Technique, the rules for the speaker include the following, EXCEPT:
  9. The Moitinhos use the metaphor of the ________ as a way to communicate with a spouse, especially when experiencing strong emotions. It represents your desire to provide a loving, kind, and gentle response to your spouse. This, in turn, will probably create a positive cycle because a gentle response has the power to calm down the conversation and produce peace and harmony.
  10. The _____________ model of communication views communication as a dynamic process in which both parties participate actively in communication within a particular context.
  11. The LOVE intervention is a conflict management intervention for couples. The V stands for:
  12. In the REACH intervention, E stands for:
  13. Gottman, Gottman, and DeClaire believe that coupled get gridlocked over
  14. When a spouse proposes using aromatherapy, linens, romantic music, and dimming the lights during sexual intimacy, he or she is focusing on
  15. Mark and Melissa are Millenials who use social media constantly. They came to you due to Melissa’s complaint that they are not communicating well. They acknowledge that they are constantly using their phones to check social media. One of your strategies to help them improve their communication is:
  16. is a something meaningful that a couple can create to help them remember their investment and accomplishments made in marriage counseling.
  17. In the FREE intervention the R stands for:
  18. You are helping a couple improve their listening skills. They read chapter 4 of The Dream Home book and are practicing “Reflecting Feelings.” This would be a good reflection by a spouse:
  19. Ripley and Worthington note that to deal with ________________ couples are encourage to use distractions, engage in self-care, or give grace fr the partner.
  20. According to Gottman, Gottman, and DeClaire ______________________ blocks emotional intimacy.
  21. According to Covenant Eyes, _______ of divorce cases involved a partner’s obsessive interest in porn sites.
  22. Research conducted at the University of Denver found four destructive patterns to marriages:
  23. is a social media platform that has been correlated with reduced marital satisfaction and divorce rates.
  24. The Moitinhos recommend the following social media boundaries to protect one’s marriage, EXCEPT:
  25. During conflict a person may experience _____________, which are physiological reactions such as increased heart rate and blood pressure due to adrenaline release.
  26. This is an important step when addressing trauma in marriage counseling:
  27. During the termination session, the marriage counselor usually needs to review or engage in the following, EXCEPT
  28. The Moitinhos highlight these essential biblical principles about finances, EXCEPT.
  29. Experts agree that _____________ is the ideal way to deal with conflict.
  30. This principle emphasizes that we must give God an account of how we manage our material possessions.
  31. Couples who report disagreeing about finance once a week are over _____ more likely to get divorced than couples who report disagreeing about finances a few times a month.
  32. In Ron Blue’s approach, The ______ represents the beliefs we hold about God’s ownership over everything that exists, our access to His wisdom, our contentment with what He has given us, and our belief that we can express our faith by the way we handle our finances.
  33. The Moitinhos emphasize that this concept (word) _____________ is essential for a couple’s spiritual growth.
  34. The Moitinhos discuss three financial programs to help people manage money.
  35. The Grace homework worksheet is designed to ___________________.
  36. According to Gottman, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are:
  37. The Moitinhos believe that forgiveness is a multidimensional process because it includes
  38. According to Gottman, Gottman, and DeClaire, a child-centered marriage may be due to
  39. The Moitinhos recommend the following behaviors for effective listening
  40. In the G.I.F.T.S. model of levels of communication, the S stands for share your
  41. You are working with a married couple to help them improve their marital intimacy. You decide to encourage the couple to use an approach similar to how Solomon and the Shulamite did in the Song of Songs. You share with the couple that they could
  42. Using sarcasm, mocking, name-calling, or belligerence is an example of
  43. The Moitinhos believe that intimacy is multidimensional because it is ___________________ intimacy.
  44. Todd and Erika have $ 12,000 in consumer debt and an additional $
    80,000 in student loans. They come to you for pastoral counseling because they are experiencing conflict and having fights multiple times a week. You want to use something you learned from The Dream Home book. An effective counseling strategy needs to include the following.
  45. Riley and Worthington note that counseling may terminate for a variety of reasons and it does not always end well. Some of the reasons why couples may stop coming to counseling early include the following, EXCEPT:
  46. John says, “You are feeling overwhelmed because we have too many bills to pay and our budget is very tight.”
  47. Ripley and Worthington recommend a(n) _____ checkup to assess how the couple is doing and how well they are maintaining their gains.
  48. Gottman, Gottman, and Declaire believe that
    avoiding _____________________________ postpones healing.
  49. Engaging in self-examination, having a Christ-like attitude, and promoting grace-filled interaction are examples of the _____________________ dimension of conflict.
  50. During a conflict, this technique can help with emotion regulation, self- control, and protecting the relationship.
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