PACO 615 Midterm

PACO 615 Midterm

PACO 615 Quiz Marriage Dynamics and Marriage Counseling Midterm

  1. Showing genuine concern and helping one’s neighbor as an overflow of a couple’s desire to serve people in Jesus’ name is an example of this ethical principle:
  2. In the REACH Forgiveness intervention, letter C represents the following action:
  3. The concept of SMART goals implies that a goal needs to be:
  4. According to psychologist Robert Sternberg who
  5. developed the popular Triangular Theory of Love, the highest type of love is called
  6. is when the demands of one role affect the requirements of another one. For instance, it includes the role of being a spouse and a student at the same time.
  7. is a person’s ability to become aware of and manage or control his or her emotions and feelings and engage in appropriate behaviors to reach a positive outcome.
  8. This couple in the Bible is a great example of the concept of curb appeal shared by the Moitinhos.
  9. The Moitinhos propose that to address stress and the transitions in the early years of marriage, couples would do well to:
  10. The CLEAVE technique can be used to help the couple increase their bonding, and thus improve their intimacy. Ripley and Worthington recommend the following, EXCEPT:
  11. Perpetual conflicts are:
  12. In the ABC Theory, B is the _______________.
  13. The Hope-Focused approach has several strategies in the following categories named as an acrostic, EXCEPT:
  14. The Moitinhos assert that God’s design for marriage was established
  15. The Moitinhos encourage couples to do the following to feed their bodies:
  16. Gottman, Gottman, and DeClaire remind couples not to ignore or overlook a spouse’s _________ during a conflict.
  17. This is a goal of the intake session, EXCEPT:
  18. The core principle of Hope-Focused approach is:
  19. Ripley and Worthington recommend the following as their best ideas of homework at the beginning of counseling.
  20. The key virtue in Hope-Focused approach is:
  21. The TANGO intervention focuses on communication skills. T stands for:
  22. The following are pre-counseling interventions recommended by Ripley and Worthington, EXCEPT:
  23. The Hope-Focused approach is a Christian approach to marriage counseling that incorporates elements from other secular counseling approaches including:
  24. A study discovered that people in the U.S. walk an average of ________ steps a day.
  25. The Moitinhos use the metaphor of the curb appeal to represent a couple’s _______________ in the community.
  26. The Moitinhos have adapted a technique called _______________ to help couples develop a vision for their marriage.
  27. Homework is essential for successful counseling. However, many couples do not engage in completing their homework assignments. According to Ripley and Worthington, the following is a reason why they don’t.
  28. ______________ is a core concept in Christian marriage.
  29. The Hope-Focused approach to marriage counseling focuses primarily on:
  30. Ripley and Worthington believe that _______________ is more important than counseling sessions.
  31. is a description of a desired or preferred future, it involves the couple imagining possibilities.
  32. The Moitinhos believe that a vision has several intertwined foundational elements. These elements can help guide a couple’s thoughts as they develop a vision for their marriage. The ABC’s of a vision include the following:
  33. The Moitinhos believe that when a couple’s spiritual location is close to God, they will experience ____________ in their marriage.
  34. A harsh start-up means that the spouse started the conversation with:
  35. Ripley and Worthington recommend several couple screenings, EXCEPT:
  36. The three core elements or pathways to change in Hope-Focused marriage counseling include the following, EXCEPT:
  37. The Moitinhos provide the argument that the Hebrew word ezer help support the concept that:
  38. The Pew Research Center found that ________ of the surveyed adults knew the majority of their neighbors.
  39. According to Gottman, Gottman, and DeClaire. “__________ leads to emotional distance.”
  40. This element influences a person’s worldview.
  41. According to the Moitinhos, _______________ contributes positively to building a couple’s positive reputation in the community.
  42. The solution to a harsh start-up is a softened start-up, which can include the following, EXCEPT.
  43. The Moitinhos call the technique Fork in the Road approach to refer to:
  44. According to the Moitinhos, your worldview is ___________ and it
  45. “Why do people stay in their comfort zone?” The Moitinhos believe that people stay because:
  46. The _____________ Marriage movement has been implemented in some states, but it has also been criticized by secular groups.
  47. According to Gottman, Gottman, and DeClaire, “__________ creates emotional distance and hinders romance.”
  48. The following is true about the concept of vision.
  49. is an ongoing, deliberate practice of strategies that mitigate stress and promote wellness.
  50. Due to the cultural diversity in America, Ripley and Worthington highlight the importance of counselors learning from clients about the client’s cultural values, norms, and expectations. The concept is called:


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