PACO 501 Research Paper

PACO 501 Research Paper Liberty

The Research Paper will be completed in 3 steps.


First, the student must select a doctrinal topic for his/her paper from a provided list.


After the student’s topic has been approved by the instructor, he/she must complete a research paper proposal that is 1 full page (but must not exceed 2 pages). The proposal must contain the following components: a title page, a working thesis statement, the purpose of the study, the procedure of the study, and a working reference list of at least 6 scholarly references.


The student must write his/her Research Paper using the approved topic and proposal. The body of the paper must be a minimum length of 8 full pages, not to exceed 10 pages (count does not include title, abstract, and reference pages) and must include the major sections listed in the instructions document; it must also contain at least 6 scholarly references and follow current APA format.

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