NBST 640 Exam 1

NBST 640 Exam 1 Liberty University

  1. The views presented by Bart Ehrman are new to the guild of NT scholarship.
  2. The three fundamental beliefs for first-century Jews were all except:
  3. According to Bart Ehrman, the Bible views which of the following as a reason for suffering?
  4. The Jewish sources the post-date Jesus include all except:
  5. Which quest for the historical Jesus focused on the Jewish background of Jesus’ context?
  6. According to Dan Wallace, Bart Ehrman has not tied inerrancy to the general reliability of the Bible.
  7. We should date the birth of Jesus between 1 AD and 4 AD.
  8. The foundations of historical criticism at the beginning of the 1900s include all except:
  9. Honor was the central value in the culture of Jesus.
  10. All of the following were the errors of the critical studies to the Gospels according to G. B. Caird except:
  11. The most common view today is that the Gospel of Mark was written before any of the other canonical Gospels.
  12. The Essenes sought to compromise and cooperate in the sociopolitical fray of the nation.
  13. Jesus’ death was between 30 AD and 33 AD.
  14. According to Bock, the most important extrabiblical evidence for Jesus comes from Tacitus.
  15. All of the following sources predate or are roughly contemporary with Jesus except:
  16. Match the following person with the corresponding citation:
  17. Briefly describe several of the major critiques that Bart Ehrman levies against the Bible and provide several reasons (directly from your reading) it is important to educate lay audiences on these topics.
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