NBST 640 Quiz 4

NBST 640 Quiz 4 NT Canon, Authorship, and Early Christology

  1. What New Testament passages read Isaiah 40–55 to denote high Christology?
  2. 1 Corinthians 8:6 is significant for high Christology in how it appropriates which Old Testament passage?
  3. According to Kruger, there was a unity on the boundaries of the New Testament canon by the first half of the second century.
  4. According to Kruger, earliest Christianity was not largely illiterate.
  5. According to Bauckham, first-century Judaism was concerned with “what God is” over “who God is.”
  6. Several factors make the hallucination explanation for the appearances of the risen Jesus unreasonable. Identify the one which was not given in your reading:
  7. The signs that the New Testament authors were aware of their own authority include the following, except:
  8. In the first century, women were not viewed as reliable witnesses in court.
  9. According to Bauckham, angels in the Second Temple literature regularly sit with God on his heavenly throne but did not rule with him.
  10. According to Bauckham, the monotheism of Second Temple Judaism was “strict.”
  11. The Old Testament passage to which the New Testament most often alludes is:
  12. The following support the idea that the early Christians were favorable to written documents except:
  13. According to Bauckham, in Second Temple Judaism the Word and Wisdom of God took part in creation.
  14. According to Kruger, early Christians were averse to orality.
  15. According to Kruger, the early Christian writings imply that the apostles had the very authority of Christ himself.
  16. According to Bauckham, for Second Temple Judaism, God created alone, with no assistant, helper, or servants.
  17. Sources that point to a recognition of the New Testament books as Scripture at a date earlier than is often given include all except:
  18. According to Kruger, there were ingredients in early Christianity that led to a canon. These ingredients include all except:
  19. According to Bauckham, God is set apart in Second Temple Jewish literature by his identity as being Ruler of all things and his Knowledge of all things.
  20. Jews were expecting an individual to be resurrected in the middle of history but just did not believe Jesus rose from the dead.
  21. In your own words, summarize and explain Richard Bauckham’s articulation of early Christology.
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