NBST 515 Exam 1

NBST 515 Exam 1 Liberty University

  1. With the fall of the Temple and the impact of Hellenism, the focus of Jewish religion changed from ceremonies and rituals to a more ethically-based study of the Law and how to live.
  2. Who was the father of the Jewish clan that instigated the revolt against the Seleucids in 167 BC?
  3. Which Hasmonean ruler embarked on a campaign to make the Idumeans accept circumcision and Jewish law?
  4. One consequence of Hellenism was the need for translating the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek because most Jews living in the Diaspora could no longer understand Hebrew or Aramaic.
  5. Which Hasmonean leader received political, military, and religious authority from the Jews for his successes against the Seleucids?
  6. According to church tradition, which Caesar was ruling when Peter and Paul were martyred?
  7. According to Scott, which of the following Jewish interpretive methods is best defined as “translation”?
  8. According to Julius Scott, a better translation of the word Torah than “Law” is what?
  9. The revolt Mattathias began got its name from his son Jonathan.
  10. Who fought against Rome?
  11. Christians, not Jews, preserved the writings of the Jewish historian, Josephus.
  12. How many men were required to form a synagogue?
  13. According to Scott, which of the following was not one of the religious practices that expressed Jewish separation from other cultures and religions?
  14. According to the PointeCast presentations, it was not until late in the 1st century AD that Christianity and Judaism became two distinct religions.
  15. Which philosophy defined pleasure as the absence of pain and advocated that pleasure was life’s highest good?
  16. Which Greek king ordered the translation of the Hebrew Scripture into Greek?
  17. Which Caesar ruled during Jesus’ life and ministry?
  18. According to Julius Scott, which of the following is not one of the three pillars of the Hebrew religion:
  19. Which of the following Jewish groups was most likely to compromise with Rome on Hellenistic practices?
  20. The houses of first-century Israel were made of what?
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