JURI 550 Quiz 1 Introduction to Property

JURI 550 Quiz 1: Introduction to Property & Personal Property

  1. Wild animals are rarely the subject of litigation in modern times. The utility of understanding the law regarding wild animals is:
  2. The doctrine of adverse possession of personal property is problematic due to the chattel’s portability and the likelihood that the possessor’s use of the chattel may not give notice to the owner. The law in a few states seeks to reduce or eliminate these problems by which of the following?
  3. Which of the following is accurate regarding accession rules?
  4. Property rights are often referred to as the metaphorical bundle of sticks, as Chapter 1 of the text points out. If one of the sticks is the right to destroy the property that a person owns, which of the following statements is the most accurate?
  5. Custom proved to be critical to the judicial decision in which of the following cases regarding the ownership of wild animals?
  6. Arden lost her gold wedding ring and Mrs. Boyd found it. Later, Mrs. Boyd moved the ring from her coat pocket to her purse, which had a hole in it. Boyd lost the ring and it was found by Mr. Campbell. Which statement most accurately describes the court’s likely ruling in a lawsuit by Boyd against Campbell?
  7. If we assume that a spam email has been held by a court to be a trespass to chattels, then which of the following will most likely not be considered to be a trespass to chattels?
  8. The decision in the Moore v. U.C. Regents case about the dilemma in property law concerning body tissue is expressed in which of the following statements?
  9. Which of the following doctrines favors the person who is a diligent worker?
  10. Which of the following statements is the most accurate regarding the bundle of property rights?
  11. Which of the following explains why a bona ade purchaser of an item of personal property will prevail over the true owner in certain transactions?
  12. The capture rule relates to how the common law dealt with …
  13. Most states require a bailee to exercise which of the following standards of care?
  14. The most complete list of the common law traditional categories of found property is which of the following?
  15. The key take-away rule from the Pierson v. Post case is most accurately stated in which of the following statements?
  16. The least accurate definition of the traditional categories of found property is which of the following?
  17. The Uniform Commercial Code provides protection for bonafide purchasers under certain circumstances. Is this true or false?
  18. Which of the following groups of factors is the legally accepted guide for courts to analyze whether a ander has obtained rights in found property?
  19. When an adverse possessor first openly takes possession of chattel, this act has which of the following legal consequences in the majority of states?
  20. In a case where a person seeks a judgment awarding him/her with ownership of another’s personal property, which of the following does not help the person’s case:
  21. A non-owner of personal property can lawfully possess an item of personal property. Which of the following lists most completely identifies the types of a non-owner’s possession that are lawful?
  22. Even if it is proven that the original owner of an item of personal property abandoned the property, he nonetheless will win a court judgment against the ander of the property because he was the original owner. Is this true or false?
  23. Government now regulates hunting and ashing. As a result, governmental regulation is not consistent with the capture rule.
  24. Bailment is the lawful possession of real property. True or false?
  25. The common law rule does not protect bona ade purchasers because a seller cannot pass on a better title to personal property than what he/she has at the time of the transaction between the seller and the bona ade purchaser. Is this true or false?
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