HLTH 623 Quiz 3 Medical-Ecology

HLTH 623 Quiz 3: Medical-Ecology, Culture, Social Network, and Political Coalitions

Covers the Learn material from Module 5: Week 5 – Module 6: Week 6.

  1. A determination of life circumstances and the economic and political forces that play a role in shaping individual exposure through the social and cultural factors that place groups of people at risk
  2. The limbic system of the central nervous system is most closely associated symbolic language acquisition
  3. Protomentation is responsible for
  4. Emotions are a function of the triune brain structure and unrelated to culture and the socialization process
  5. The “thrifty-gene hypothesis” proposed to explain diabetes among Native Americans has been well documented in the literature as the clear cause of disease.
  6. Match the concept with the term Social effects on individual physiologic response Relations with others that have a protective effect Person-centered web of social ties Processes producing a psychologically whole and integrated consciousness
  7. Explain how shamanism may have developed from humans’ unique innate emotional foundations as a substitution for an authentic relationship with God.
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