HLTH 623 Quiz 1 Creating Culture

HLTH 623 Quiz 1: Creating Culture of Care and Competence Skills

  1. Refers to patients adopting medical advice for the treatment of their conditions
  2. There are three categories or dimensions of human behavior. The universal dimension refers to
  3. There are three categories or dimensions of human behavior. The personal dimension refers to
  4. Goes beyond an awareness of relevant cultural differences and desire to accommodate with adaptations to include having the capability to use knowledge of cultural patterns to understand priorities, to communicate empathy and acceptance, to be responsive to individual and group needs, and to work effectively with cultural groups to develop culturally relevant interventions.
  5. A system of health care where the interpersonal dynamics between doctor and patient occur within the context of societal institutions provided by the government
  6. Match each of the four defining features of the first European arrivals in America with the associated American trait Protestantism American geography Escape from repression Nature of the immigrant
  7. Distinguish between a high and low context culture
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