HIUS 380 Quiz 2

Liberty HIUS 380 Quiz 2 Answers

  1. The American methods of war include:
  2. The primary cause of the United States entering WWI was their response to :
  3. One of the aspects of WWI that would be important in WWII would be the initial learning experience of future leaders:
  4. The type of Division deployed by the AEF is known as the:
  5. As Pershing reflected established procedures in his own General Staff in French, he considered Intelligence being which section?
  6. The initial objective in the Meuse – Argonne offensive was the high ground of:
  7. Three important aspects of any fight applicable to an individual or a large unit are:
  8. The primary technology used to communicate with artillery during the First World War was:
  9. By 1918 ____________ men served in the AEF during World War I.
  10. The Selective Service Act:
  11. World War I was America’s first mass, industrialized war:
  12. By mid-October 1918 Pershing created:
  13. On June 1, 1918 the First American Division thrown into battle along the Chateau-Thierry area was the:
  14. A future president who served in the AEF was:
  15. The primary infantry weapon of World War I was the excellent:
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